The Rugged Gentleman Box

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Rugged Gentleman-2.jpg
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The Rugged Gentleman Box


No bows, no ribbons, no fluff. Whether he's a bourbon lover or a beard-sporting manly-man, The Rugged Gentleman Box was created for the guy that likes his drinks stiff, his shoes shined and his facial hair artistically groomed. This assortment can be given as an anniversary gift, a birthday present, a father’s day surprise or just because.

Box Dimensions: 14x11x5.5 in

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Unboxed Details

Daneson Toothpicks. The every blend 6-pack carries the Ginger Honey, CinnaMint, Mint, Lemon, Bourbon and Single Malt flavored white birch toothpicks.  

W & P Designs Mason Whisky Stones. Set of 6 whisky stones, sure to keep whisky cold without watering it down. Packaged in a mason jar that can be used over and over again!

Hudson Made Beard and Shave Soap. This 2-for-1 soap acts as a gentle beard shampoo and also as an exceptional shaving cream.

Hudson Made Beard Tonic. Used as a beard moisturizer or a shave oil, this blend of essential oils offers an extra layer of protection from razor burn and irritation.  

Izola Flask. This pocket-sized stainless steel ‘Private Reserve’ flask holds just enough of the good stuff.

Izola Shoe Brush. Solid wood handle shoe brush with boar’s hair bristles.

Pack of Matches.

Keepsake Hautbox Gift Box.